Polk Audio Omni A1 Wireless Music System



Polk Audio Omni A1 Wireless Music System
Polk Audio Omni A1 Wireless Music System

A great sounding pair of loudspeakers never goes out of style, especially in a digital world. The Omni A1 enables you to stream Polk’s widely regarded signature sound wirelessly to your existing component loudspeakers. It’s that simple. The Omni A1 wireless amplifier includes customized EQ settings for optimizing the performance with Polk speakers, and has a peak power rating of 75 W x 2 channels. Music lovers and vinyl collectors will enjoy the fact that the Omni A1 also includes a phono input for their turntable.

All the music you love, anywhere in your home.

The Omni A1 is part of the Omni Collection, a series of wireless products that allow you to control what you want to listen to from your phone, tablet or computer and stream it wirelessly to any room. Plus, you can start with one and then add throughout your home.

Music Services

Stream the most popular online music services including Pandora and Songza. Services like KKBox, QQMusic and Deezer are available in select countries.

Polk Omni Apps

The free Polk Omni App allows you to mix-and-match speakerswith the open Play-Fi™ Technology and future-proof your home music solution. Stream the same music to every room or stream different songs to different rooms. The Polk Omni Utility App gives you extended functionality, including product firmware updates, source selection (if applicable) and EQ settings for the A1 Amp.


Amplifier Specs – Power Specs Class-D Digital. Power: 75 Watts x 2
Dimensions – Depth 8.62 in / 21.90 cm
Dimensions – Height 2.99 in / 7.60 cm
Dimensions – Width 8.62 in / 21.90 cm
Electrical – Inputs Optical, 1/8” analog, USB for firmware updates and phone charging, Phono
Electrical – Outputs Left and right speaker binding posts, LFE wired connection to subwoofer
Electrical – Wireless Connectivity Connectivity 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz
Shipping – Unit of Measure 125 mm H x 280+ mm W x 288 mm D

POLK AUDIO TSi300 3-way Tower Speaker with two 5 1/4-inch drivers

POLK AUDIO TSi300  Tower Speaker

POLK AUDIO TSi300 Tower Speaker


Unlike other speakers in this price range, TSi enclosures are constructed of extensively braced, solid MDF with 3/4-inch baffles. This virtually eliminates internal resonances and damps energy-stealing vibrations, for more efficient operation and more transparent sound.

Beautiful pewter accents, a high gloss piano-finish black top plate and your choice of stylish black or cherry wood-grain finishes make TSi speakers a part of your decor.

Polk’s proprietary, patented Dynamic Balance technology allows our engineers to design out distortion-causing driver and system resonances, so you only hear the good sounds.

Klippel motor optimization uses laser measurement technology to ensure a smooth excursion path at either end of the volume spectrum for uniform performance at both low and high volumes.

TSi design combines smaller drivers (for more overall driver area with less driver mass) and narrow baffle geometry (taking up less than one square foot of floor space), for wider range and more spacious soundstaging, so every seat in the house hears a prime performance.

Unlike horns or metal domes, silk dome tweeters deliver clear and detailed highs, without fatigue, even at high volume.

Durable, efficient, and tuned with our Dynamic Balance process, TSi Series polymer cones produce smooth, natural sound.

Surprisingly deep, musical bass response thanks to our critically tuned flared port venting system, which minimizes port noise (“chuffing”) and smooths the turbulence of port air flow, to reveal big, full-bodied bass that blends effortlessly with the speaker’s overall dynamics.

All Polk loudspeakers are timbre-matched within their series, designed with the same components throughout, to achieve seamless speaker-to-speaker blending effects in multi-channel systems.

Our high efficiency design results in sound that’s spacious and clear, warm and realistic, when combined with practically any electronics, even the most modestly-powered amplifier or receiver.

Our high performance crossover system boosts performance with premium components, like mylar bypass capacitors, to extend response in the higher, more detail-oriented frequencies.

Dual gold-plated, professional-style 5-way binding posts, for the most secure connection options.

Dual binding posts allow bi-amp or bi-wire connections, for the ultimate in customized high performance audio.

Fat stabilizer feet on TSi Series floorstanding models make a solid stand on both carpet and hard wood floors, with the stability and efficiency to deliver more precise bass response and superior imaging.

All Polk products are made using the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. They pass the industry’s most exhaustive quality tests, including drop testing, extreme signal response and UV & salt exposure testing. Polk loudspeakers are built to perform for a lifetime.


Polk Sub Woofer


Polk Sub Woofer

PSW 100













10-inch freestanding subwoofer.

Reproducing deep low end for movie thrills or musical dynamics, their motor structures are moving back and forth like pistons in a race car engine when, subwoofers are working at extreme levels. Cheap, non-aligned design and flimsy materials can cause a subwoofer to come apart quite easily, like when that race car hits the barrier.

Polk uses the state-of-the-art Klippel laser distortion analyzer to more exactly align the motor structure of our subwoofers, so there are absolutely no impediments to free and easy movement throughout the dynamic range of the speaker. Even at tremendous volume levels, when it’s working hardest, you can be sure that your Polk subwoofer won’t come apart and that nothing will stand between you and big, musical bass reproduction.

PSW110 Features:

The Polk Audio PSW110 uses a 10″ Dynamic Balance composite cone driver for deep, accurate response with low distortion. For a smoother response and improved durability, the woofer utilizes a rubber surround.

Not Video Shielded:
The subwoofer is not magnetically shielded, so it is not recommended to place it next to tube TVs and video monitors. Though LCD, DLP and Plasma televisions are not affected by magnetism you should allow at least 18″ of space between the subwoofer and any TV.

MDF of Heavy-duty enclosure is designed and engineered for perfect volume, minutely tuned for distortion-free low frequencies, and internally braced and damped to eliminate internal standing waves and other performance-robbing resonances.

Unique configuration uses a specially tuned and directed port to produce maximum bass impact, using your floor as more than just something to stand upon. This is bass you will feel, from your feet up. Downward-firing ports also keep the cabinet’s front profile as sleek as possible.

Unique driver materials, speaker geometry and enclosure construction techniques that actually produce cleaner, clearer sound is at the heart of our patented Dynamic Balance® process. It means PSW subwoofers perform effortlessly in high stress, big bass situations when you need them most.

PSW Series subwoofers outperform the competition with durable, resonance-free Dynamic Balance driver materials that stay stiff and move fast. You experience deep, musical low frequencies and thrilling effects with superior system blending.

PSW Series subwoofers blend perfectly with systems composed of other Polk loudspeakers, especially TSi, RM and R/T/M Series speakers.

Unique design keeps your subwoofer stable and steady even at radical volume levels, for more efficient use of power. No more “escaped washing machine” syndrome.

All Polk products are made using the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. They pass the industry’s most exhaustive quality tests, including drop testing, extreme signal response and UV & salt exposure testing. Polk loudspeakers are built to perform for a lifetime.

Quantity            1
Diameter           10″ (25.40cm)
Type                   Dynamic Balance composite cone

CEA2010 Rating
CEA2010 Low            114.6
CEA2010 Ultra            86.7
Total Frequency Response    32Hz-250Hz
Lower -3dB Limit        38  Hz


Subwoofer Crossover        60HZ-160HZ
Inputs                                 Speaker Level spring terminals, Line level L&R, LFE (unfiltered)
Outputs                              Speaker Level spring terminals

Amplifier Specs
220V Availability                Yes
Amplifier Type                   Subwoofer
Continuous Power            100 watts
Dynamic Power                 200 watts


Cabinet Dimensions
Height                14 1/2″ (36.83cm)
Width                14 1/4″ (36.20cm)
Depth                17″ (43.18cm)

Enclosure Type
Subwoofer Enclosure Type    Vented, downward firing port
Product Weight (each)        33.50 pounds

Speaker Warranty            5 years parts and labor (original purchaser)
Subwoofer Amplifier Warranty        3 year parts and labor (original purchaser)

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